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I was drawn to art and self-expression at a very young age.
My mother was an artist so I think a bit of her creative mind was passed down to me.
After Spending much of my life in an art studio, I started seeing the world in a different way. My eye seeked for colors, figures, lines, and textures. I began documenting MY perspective THROUGH the lens of a CAMERA. My degree in Photojournalism left me with a strong passion for creating IMAGES that have life. Life of any and all kinds. Life that is beautiful, distraught, authentic, and, unbalanced. Because that's what life is. Real. 

I would love to create real photographs with you. 


I am CURRENTLY LOCATED IN CHICAGO, BUT Happy to arrange travel accommodations elsewhere. 

10% of yearly profit goes to the breast cancer research foundation in honor of my mama.

love you, mom.