In my first blog post, I mentioned I have many places I consider to be "home", but Zionsville, Indiana is the most significant and telling of them all. It’s a place that encompasses my childhood—a place that has been there through the good and the bad and ultimately made me who I am today. 

My little brother graduates from high school this coming May, and soon after, my parents will be packing up our house in Indiana and moving to South Carolina. It’s bittersweet, but I’ve always been a believer that change is a good thing. I find myself getting bored when I haven't experienced some sort of change in a while. After living in Indiana for as long as my parents have, I'd agree, why not change things up a bit? 

A few years ago, my parents visited a place an hour outside Greenville, South Carolina called The Cliffs. They fell in love with this golf-oriented community (my dad just so happens to be a big golfer...) and decided this would be the place they would retire. I finally got a chance to visit about a month ago, and um, I can see why they like it so much. This quaint community sits upon Lake Keowee, a man-made reservoir shaped somewhat like a Christmas tree. The lake is a beautiful deep turquoise color and felt as warm as bathwater. My older sister and her husband live in Baltimore and also flew down to visit my parents for the weekend. It was a perfect three days filled with skiing, swimming, hiking, eating, drinking and good conversation. 

I look forward to the times to be had with my family down in South Carolina but will always consider Indiana as home (even if it means I have to crash at a friend’s).


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