The last time I hung out with a group of girls who were ten to fifteen years younger than me would have to date back to my glory days at Gnaw Bone Camp. That being some time ago, I had forgotten how much fun the pre-teen years were...when the most stressful decision of the day was whether to have Lucky Charms or Life Cereal for breakfast.

Frankie’s On The Park, a fashionable boutique for teens and tweens, opened its third location in Southport, Chicago this past September. No store is complete without photographs of their merchandise, so I was happy to help! Many trendy tweens frequent Frankie's and jumped at the opportunity to model the store’s fashion-forward clothing. I photographed these gorgeous gals on two occasions, but had a particularly fun time during our most recent shoot togetherspecial thanks to The Dry Bar in Lincoln Park. Majority of these young gals had never had their hair done before so it was such a treat! If you’re ever in the Chicago or Santa Monica area, make sure to stop by Frankie’s. Even if your tween years are long behind you, they always have free candy...

Here are my favorites from our two shoots together.