I may have only been to a handful of weddings in my lifetime, but I really can’t imagine a wedding more beautiful than this one. I recently had the opportunity to help photograph two weddings down in Boca Grande, Florida and frankly, was surprised by how much fun I had. I love photography but never loved the idea of wedding photography because so many wedding photos seem to be full of fake laughs and "posed candids". Genuine, storytelling images are what I'm drawn to, so I wanted to try to incorporate that style into these wedding photos. By the end of the night, it felt like I had been friends with these people for years. 

The Buglione wedding was so incredibly full of love and happiness, I maybe got a little misty-eyed at one point...Majority of the guests were friends of the bride and groom from Colgate University, and I couldn’t help but think how fun it’s going to be when my friends from college start getting married a few years down the road...

*quick shoutout to the amazingly talented photographer John Unrue for letting me tag along all day. John's a wedding and commercial photographer based out of Orlando but is no stranger to Boca Grande. The Buglione wedding is one of many weddings he's photographed on the island. Check out his workit's unreal.*

*additional shoutout to the young-soul who was killing it on the dance floor (photo of her dropping it low wearing a turquoise jacket). 90's got nothing on you.*


Julie KennedyComment